Assessor’s Info

Jessica Rogers, CIAO — Burton Township Assessor

PO Box 353 Spring Grove IL, 60081   (262) 308-3888

My responsibility as the assessor is to: 

  • Discover, list and appraise all real property in the Township’s jurisdiction.
  • Ensure that each property is at the statutory level of 1/3 market value.
  • Assure that similar property is equitably valued.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Explain/teach taxpayers about the tax cycle and assessment processes.
  • Assist property owners with the appeal process.


Please remember, you cannot appeal the tax dollar amount of your property tax bill, you can only appeal your full market value.  Assessment appeals can only be completed/filed during a 30 day period set forth by the date of publication.  This date is not set until after all of the assessments have been certified by the county assessment office.  I am hoping to have our assessments published in the late summer or early fall.  Please watch for your notices during that time.

The 2018 assessments will be published on 10/08/2018 in the Northwest Herald.  All assessments appeals must be filed with the McHenry County Assessment Office within the 30 days following publication.  Please remember you do NOT appeal the tax dollar amount.

The 2018 Burton Township Equalization Factor will be 1.0649.  This was determined by the Illinois Department of Revenue in a three-year sales ratio study which analyzes the arms’ length sales that have occurred in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and compares them to the prior year’s assessment values.  The sales ratio study is done by the Illinois Department of Revenue for every county and township in the State of Illinois annually.

Since nearly all assessments in Burton Township will receive a valuation increase that is the 2018 equalization factor of 1.0649, generally each property’s share of the property tax burden in Burton Township should remain relatively the same for the next year’s property tax bills (absent any new referendums and those subdivisions that were reassessed).

State Law Targets Property Owners Receiving an Erroneous Tax Break

New state law (effective June 1, 2014) gives the Chief County Assessment Officer authority to recapture taxable value in instances where property owners have received homestead benefits erroneously. The new law aims to create a more fairly distributed property tax burden which benefits taxpayers. McHenry County is providing an amnesty period for the remaining months of 2014 in order to gain maximum compliance.

The Chief County Assessment Officer advises all taxpayers to review their homestead exemptions when they receive their 2014 assessment notices. Taxpayers may contact their Township Assessor or our office to correct any exemption errors.

For more information on the new law, please visit the county assessments office at,